Lino printing at COW Studio

Over Bank Holiday August weekend I went, with friend of Original Biscuit, Fay, to a workshop at the rather lovely COW Studio. I’ve been aware of COW for a few years now, since they were based at the Custard Factory, and I’ve been meaning to go to one of their workshops for far too long. On the Saturday before Bank Holiday Monday I had the chance to put this right and I attended their screen printing workshop.

It was a great chance to find out a bit more about COW and get to know them in person not just virtually (I follow them on Twitter and regularly check their workshop programme)! They have a lovely little studio nestled away in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and it is a haven of craftyness. Along with a lovely welcome to settle you in, and a brew and a squidgy brownie, every surface is covered in inspiration. From craft magazines to framed prints to bits of crochet and screen printed softies. Continue reading

Introducing Black Jack (and our new blog)

Here at Original Biscuit we spend a lot of time designing, developing (and baking) which means a lot of time wandering around the world wide web!

I’m forever finding interesting things whether it is a new technology, a great example of a responsive design or just a new recipe. Jo suggested that we start this new blog, not only as a way of keeping you up to date with out recent projects, but also to show all the things that I’ve found of interest and that I’m forever emailing to Jo!

The upcycled Chipmunk

One of the things that I’ve found is an upcycled Chipmunk made out of an old glove (washed of course!).  I really loved this idea for a few reasons: Continue reading