Introducing Black Jack (and our new blog)

Here at Original Biscuit we spend a lot of time designing, developing (and baking) which means a lot of time wandering around the world wide web!

I’m forever finding interesting things whether it is a new technology, a great example of a responsive design or just a new recipe. Jo suggested that we start this new blog, not only as a way of keeping you up to date with out recent projects, but also to show all the things that I’ve found of interest and that I’m forever emailing to Jo!

The upcycled Chipmunk

One of the things that I’ve found is an upcycled Chipmunk made out of an old glove (washed of course!).  I really loved this idea for a few reasons:

  1. The glove gives it an immediate and easy to follow pattern.
  2. The material is easy to find, who doesn’t have an old pair of gloves waiting for another use?
  3. It looks relatively cheap and easy to do yet it looks good!

I decided that this would be my next project, I do attempt a wide range of things from turkish delight to knitted blankets to macro photography, and I thought that if I could get this right it would be a perfect little gift for Jo’s daughter’s birthday.

What I’d do differently

I set out on a Friday night with all the necessary equipment to hand and had thought that the Chipmunk pattern could be turned into a cat.  Easier said than done (isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?!)

The instructions are really clear and easy to follow (always an advantage) and hand sewing is perfect for this, I think my mistake was using a dark thread on a dark glove. Nice for the end result so you can’t see the stitches but not so nice that you can’t see what you are doing! I also think that I would use something else for the tail, I think the finger, when stuffed, as a tail was a bit big in comparison to the rest of him.

I also didn’t have any pipe cleaners to hand, and couldn’t find any, but didn’t think this mattered, maybe the glove I used was a bit on the small side? But for a first attempt (and only recently getting back into sewing) I’m pleased with the end result.

Introducing Black Jack

More importantly so was the 6 year old, whose birthday it was. Although she did think he was an ant and he has been christened Black Jack.

Black Jack

Black Jack (a fan of Steig Larsson)


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